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How to Register

  1. Log into your student portal at
  2. Under "Single Click Links," select Student Center
  3. Under Academics, click on the Enroll in Early Start link
  4. Click OK under the Voter Registration message
  5. To select a class:

    Enter Class Nbr (from the list on the Courses page)


    Click on Search

    • Click on the Course Subject drop-down and choose "Early Start Math" or "Early Start English"
    • Click Search
    • Click on the "Select Class" button for the class you wish to take
  6. Click the "Next" button
  7. Repeat process if enrolling in both English and Math classes
  8. Click the "Proceed to step 2 of 3" button
  9. Click the "Finish Enrolling" button to complete the registration
  10. Click OK in the FA waiver box
  11. You will see a success message and will have the option to make payment.

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